Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only offer sessions by proxy?
I prefer to use proxy testing because it allows us to do the work without the limitations of time or distance.  I have found this to be the most efficient process and therefore, feel I can offer this service at less than the going rate.  I can do work for anyone anywhere this way and it’s how I do my best work.  I also do not have a business office to offer in-person sessions.  I’m happy to talk to you on the phone or by email after the session, if there are unanswered questions

Can you explain the process?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When I start the session I get permission from your body to proceed by asking for a connection.  I continue by using muscle testing, by proxy, to ask your body questions regarding the issues you have listed.  I use a chart of emotions to locate the trapped emotions that your body is willing to bring to the surface.  Once that happens, they are released by running magnets from the front of the head to back of the neck three times.  In the event of an inherited emotion, the magnets are run 10 times.

What do you need from me in order to conduct a session?
Simply select the session in the pay now box, record Paypal confirmation number and fill out the Appointment Form.  At the bottom of the form, provide a name or very brief description of each of your issues (3-5 for best results), such as anger, shoulder pain, depression, etc.  Next to each issue give an intensity number, meaning how strongly it is affecting you.  Submit form and I will arrange a time and report back to you with the results in an email.  

What type of issues can you work on?
Localized pain, emotional issues, fears, anxieties, habits or anything you continue to struggle with in life.  These issues must belong to you and no one else.  After reading the description of the heart wall, you might suspect you have one and want to work on that also.  A heart wall, most often, will take several sessions to clear.

What type of personal information might you find out about me in this process?
The most information I get is:  the name of the emotion to be released, the age it was trapped and possibly where it might be located in your body.  In the event of an inherited emotion, I will ask more information regarding which parent it came from and how many generations it was passed on by.  

How many trapped emotions do people typically have?
They say a person can have as many trapped emotions as there are days in the year, depending on the age and experiences of course.  

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How many emotions are typically released in one session?  
Again this depends on the person.  I have released as few as 4 and up to over 40.

How many sessions do you recommend?
I don’t make that recommendation, however we ask your body, at the end of each one, how long it needs to process and if more work is needed.  So depending on the answers to those questions, we can proceed from there.  As mentioned above, people tend to have a significant number of trapped emotions and even though there can be progress with one session, typically it takes a number of sessions to make significant changes.

How can I expect to feel after a session?
Depending on the amount and type of emotions that were released, you could feel any degree of emotions and/or energy.  This is what we call the Processing Period and it is explained in more detail on that page. 

Does the Emotion Code work on non-believers?
It is important to have an open mind, even if you are not sure about the process or results.  If you are willing to have an open mind and let your body decide, you might be pleasantly surprised at what it is willing to do for you.  If you are determined that energy work is not effective, then this is probably not for you.  

For any additional questions, please go to the Contact page and submit an inquiry.  

Let your body heal itself!

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