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An inherited trapped emotion is simply a bit of emotional energy that is received from a parent at the moment of conception. It comes along with all the other DNA and physical material- in the egg if it's from your mother and in the sperm if it's from your father. 

There is a difference between "Inherited Emotions" and "Absorbed Emotions".  Inherited Trapped Emotions cannot become trapped at any point after you are conceived, just as you cannot inherit any genetic trait after you've already been conceived. After conception and at any other point in your life, you can absorb a trapped emotion from another person, but that is called an "Absorbed Emotion".  That is when someone else generates an emotion and you absorb that energy into your body.  Both inherited and absorbed emotions can become part of the Heart-Wall. 

Inherited Trapped Emotions can go back multiple generations. We can release inherited emotions from anyone who has received that exact vibration.

-Dr. Bradley Nelson

Inherited Emotions