What people are saying about Body COde & Emotion Code Sessions

  •  ​​​​I just need to Thank you for helpimg me out. I am more at Peace and feel ready for another round of life and celebrate the good I have in this very moment.

  • ​In just a short time working with Sandy, I feel so much lighter and more positive,  my energy is better and I feel more at peace. I look forward to doing more work with Sandy in the future. Thanks for your help Sandy!

  • I have had a number of remote, emotional code sessions with Sandy. I consider she has done an outstanding job, considering I work in a remote community in Australia, and our only contact point has been email. She has done a great job facilitating my healing and ridding me of damaged unnecessary emotions.  Thx so much Sandy

  • ​​I recently found myself in the midst of some major life changes and had a difficult time reconciling some emotional roadblocks and making some changes in my career. While visiting with some friends, I was introduced to Sandy’s work in the healing arts so I decided to work with her on some of these big issues. After just one session of removing blocks, I felt more calm and had much more clarity about my career choices. I have now worked with Sandy for six sessions and I am so much more at peace with past events and feel more in tune of the direction that life is taking me. Thank you so much Sandy for your great work!

  • I worked with Sandy through use of body code and my initial fears and anxiety were completely removed. I feel young and joyful again without the nagging feelings of worry and anxiety that were always in the background. 

  • I had not been feeling well and asked sandy to do a full body read for me and found an infection in my colon and I was able to take appropriate oils and vitamins to clear the infection.

  • Sandy helped a young boy who had been in the hospital for a week suffering with no diagnosis. Through her help this boy came home and is thriving with his full health back today. 

  • Sandy helped a young girl who was threatening suicide and with her help this young girl is doing well.

  • I have had cellulitis for three years. I have been put on strong antibiotics twice, once for 20 days. The last time I was put on them for 14 days and was told it was probably going to take a couple more prescriptions to cure the infection. In the meantime, I had a session with Sandy. When I returned to the doctor, she was amazed at the condition of my legs.  She told me that it was a miracle more than once.  She couldn't get over it.  I have also had a session with Sandy for my dislike of crowds.  Although it is not my favorite place to be, I can go into busy places and not have a panic attack now.

  • After struggling with low back pain for 20 years and spending thousands of dollars on therapy, one Emotion Code session took the pain away completely! So grateful to have Sandy as a conduit to this beautiful work!​

  • Holy Moly! You nailed it Sandy! Can’t wait to look at your site and have more understanding, but everything on the chart makes sense! Thank you for sharing your gift!

  • I am feeling very positive about the future now. I have been drowning in negativity lately and it is all but gone. 

  • I really want to thank you for your help.

  • Oh my. I cried. No wonder the universe sent you. I feel hopeful. Thank you, Sandy. You are a gift.  

  • That profile gave me more insight than anything I've ever done.  It takes me to my knees.  I feel like you must have known me my whole life.  You have got to be one of the most caring humans on the planet.  Thank you so much!  

  • I'm amazed at how much more peace I have around those issues!!  I don't know how you did it but it helped a LOT!! I'm feeling lighter, more positive, and uplifted.  Amazing!!  Thank you so much!  

  • Thanks for helping me get more balanced I really think its working. 

  • Elbow pain is so minimal I really have no pain!!! You are amazing friend:)  

  • Our dog has let me touch his paws ALL day.  My son got the vacuum out in another room but he didn't panic.  Thank you Sandy!!! I appreciate you sooo much.   


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