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 What do I need to write in order to have an analysis done?

Use only a ball point pen (no felt tips or pencils) on unlined paper.  Content not important and specimen should be cursive writing only.  Please provide one page minimum for the Personality Profile and 3-5 pages for the General or Compatibility Reports.  The writing should be done at different times, as traits can be temporary.  Please scan the writing and email to sandy@insightful assistance.com.

How accurate is Graphanalysis?

It is a scientific method of assessment based on research that was conducted over a period of more than fifty years.  It has been scientifically investigated by a large number of academic researchers who have found conclusive evidence of the relationship between certain writing traits and personality characteristics.  Like fingerprints, there are no two handprints alike.  A team of statistical researchers and psychologists at the International Graphoanalysis Society conduct validation and research studies on an on-going basis.

What does handwriting reveal?

  • Intelligence

  • Achievement Potential

  • Emotional Stability

  • Sociability

  • Aptitudes (Basic Vocational)

  • Fears and Defenses

  • Imagination

How is Graphoanalysis used?

It is a valuable tool aid in any area where knowledge of personality is important.  It is widely used in interpersonal relationships, education, guidance counseling, personnel and employment areas, the court system and business management.  It is used by people in all walks of life including, doctors, attorneys, ministers, police officers, executives, husbands, wives, parents, teachers, counselors and individuals, to better understand their subjects.  In short, it is a psychological tool useful in every field of human relations.

What is the difference between Graphology and Graphoanalysis?

Graphology is the generic term for all forms and systems of handwriting analysis.

Graphoanalysis is a trademarked term that applies only to the system taught by the International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS).  It is the only system of handwriting analysis that can produce any scientific validation data, the only one sponsored by a worldwide organization, and the only one whose practitioners are required to abide by a code of ethical practice.

What types of things would an analyst look at in the writing?

  • Formation of Stokes

  • Placement

  • Size 

  • Slant

  • Pressure & Spacing

What is the advantage of this form of personality assessment over all the others currently in use?

  • Considerably less costly

  • Less effort on the part of the person being tested

  • Recognized by the EEOC

  • Non-discriminatory since analysts are generally unaware of age, race, creed, religion or gender of the person being analyzed

  • Supreme court decisions have stated, there is no more expectation of privacy in the physical script than there is in the tone of the voice

  • Only system that produces scientific validation both empirically and clinically

What doesn't Graphoanalysis do or associate with?

Graphoanalysis has no kinship with pseudo-sciences such as astrology, numerology, palmistry or the supernatural.  It does not predict the future nor tell fortunes.  It does not attempt to diagnose sickness - it steers clear of medicine.  Furthermore, it does not distinguish between the sexes nor estimate ages. 

How does one become certified?

In order to practice Graphoanalysis ethically and professionally, a student must complete the General Course offered by IGAS and be certified.  Additional information can be found at http://www.igas.com.

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