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Sandy is so passionate and knowledgeable about graphoanalysis.  I loved learning the different aspects that were taught.  Recognizing personality traits that were unveiled through my hand writing was absolutely fascinating and spot on.

This is a great class! Sandy's passion for handwriting analysis is contagious. Not only does she show you how many applications it has she makes it fun too!

I learned much more than I expected.

Wished there was more time, maybe 2 more weeks. It was too short.

I loved this class.  I would like to see it for a college credit.

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Greg Greco

Milton N. Bunker

Graphoanalysis is a branch of applied psychology, based on the evaluation of handwriting, which is an expressive gesture.  It is the study of the individual strokes of handwriting to determine the character and personality of the writer.

​​Reports/Fee Schedule

Personality Profile Analysis - $50

  • Provides a brief character assessment

General Personality Analysis - $200

  • Provides an in-depth review of personality traits

Compatibility Analysis - $450

  • Provides individual and combined analysis

8 Basic Steps Classes (local only) 

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History of the International Graphoanalysis Society, IGAS

IGAS traces its roots to 1910, when Milton N. Bunker, a shorthand teacher in Kansas, began his study in handwriting analysis. At this time, he was a penmanship and shorthand student. Three of his penmanship instructors told him to put less space between letters and to make shorter strokes at the ends of words. Bunker could not make these changes, and he wondered why.

At the time, no single theory or method dominated handwriting analysis. French practitioners concentrated on isolated signs as specific indicators of personality, and Germans sought to make subjective interpretations based on a total impression of a person's handwriting. 

After extensive research, Bunker saw the need for a compromise: a standardized or "scientific" approach to determining personality from a sample of handwriting. He studied the handwriting analysis theories of the time and formulated his own unique system based on extensive sampling and empirical research. This system, known as Graphoanalysis, uses stroke analysis to provide insight into personality traits and evaluation of a writer's personality. 

From about 1912 until 1928, Bunker empirically tested every rule and sign to verify that they worked consistently. Bunker claimed that if each one worked at least a thousand times, he considered it valid.

In 1929, Bunker incorporated The American Institute of Grapho-Analysis (AIGA) in Kansas City, Missouri. Bunker's first correspondence course in handwriting analysis sold for $37.50, and he advertised it as being more scientific, newer, up-to-date, and better than any other course in handwriting analysis. 

In 1949, Bunker re-incorporated AIGA as the International Grapho-Analysis Society, Inc. 

Currently owned by Greg Greco and known as IGAS - International Graphoanalysis Society and located at 842 Fifth Avenue,  New Kensington, PA  15068  www.igas.com 


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